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Try Authentic Korean Cuisine in Boise, ID

In Korea, there are five traditional flavors: sour, bitter, sweet, pungent, and salty. But there’s also another flavor that Han’s Chimaek recognizes: gamchilmat, or savoriness. Our new Korean restaurant in Boise, ID, has created a menu celebrating the importance of chimaek and the five traditional flavors in our culture. From the sizzling, crunchy batter to the tender chicken bursting with gamchilmat, you won’t want to eat anything else.


⦿ Bright Cider

⦿ Heineken

⦿ Blue Moon

⦿ Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing

⦿ Corona Premiere

⦿ Big Wave

o u r   b e s t   s e l l e r s  !

signature yangnyum



signature fried chicken

Fried Chicken




Boneless Yangnyum



Delicious Flavors

Our Korean restaurant has developed a diverse menu featuring a wide range of dishes from spicy to sweet. The beauty of chimaek is that there are many ways to make it. Chimaek is a special fried chicken paired with delicious draft beer. We always use fresh chicken and fry it to order. If you like spice, we’ll add spice, and if you want it more sour or sweet, we can do that, too. Our authentic Korean cuisine is always made to order and guaranteed to be fresh and hot every time.

Group Seating Available

Han’s Chimaek is the perfect place to visit with friends, family, or co-workers. In Korea, chimaek is the staple party food. Whether you’re celebrating the end of a workday, an important event, or you just want to try something new, our Korean restaurant provides plenty of seating, fast service, and a welcoming atmosphere for our customers.

Takeout Available

Don’t have time to dine at our Korean restaurant? Not a problem! Every item on our menu is available for takeout as well. Just like dining in, each meal is always made to your liking. As soon as it’s ready, we’ll give you a call and ensure it stays hot.

Dine in or Order Today!

Try something new at Han’s Chimaek; we promise you won’t be disappointed. If you have questions about our menu or want to place a takeout order, call our Korean restaurant today.